Dr. Samantha Harfenist PsyD

I’m Dr. Samantha “Sam” Harfenist and I want to do my part in building a world that celebrates the uniqueness of each individual and where human worth is a given. Our world can be full of impossible expectations, so I focus on helping you to slow down and find your own way. Deeply rooted shame often acts as a barrier to seeking help. Silence can be overwhelming and isolating. Therapy is an invitation to experience alignment during the healing process. Curiosity, nonjudgment, and cultivating understanding are key aspects of my work. I work diligently to ensure a safe space for clients to explore distress and trauma. Vulnerability can feel uncomfortable, messy, and awkward. All of which is normal and okay. Relationships that promote our desired growth can feel simultaneously uncomfortable and safe.

My primary training has been in Clinical Health Psychology, with a foundation in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Through this work, I have discovered that the mind and body are intricately connected and that stress on one inevitably impacts the other. Likewise, treating one can impact the other. We all live in a body, yet our experiences within that body are complex and unique. The best therapy incorporates a personalized, empathic approach that respects and services your particular experience and identity. Together, we will explore the experiences that have affected your sense of self and re-connect you to your inner strength and resiliency. Through growing awareness, therapy can help foster your ability to attune to, and then attend to, your physical, emotional, and relational needs to achieve a more empowered state of living.

Additional clinical areas include:

-adjustment/managing stressors associated with chronic illness

-self-advocacy within the medical field

-assistance with accomplishing health-related goals

-life transitions

-value-based living

-stress reduction techniques

-identity exploration

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Selected Trainings:

General Psychology Internship at the Clement Zablocki VA

Post-Doctoral Residency in Clinical Health Psychology at the Memphis VA

VA Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia EBP Rollout Training Program      

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