Dr. Samantha Harfenist PsyD

I’m Dr. Samantha “Sam” Harfenist. My focus on mind-body attunement began long before graduate school. Your body is your home, your vessel for exploring and enjoying life. Modern medicine hyperfocuses on pathology and aberration. Because of this reactive approach to illness, we have developed a lens for focusing on regret, guilt, shame, and hyper awareness of ‘being othered.’ 

Our society encourages the ‘quick fix’ in order to promote productivity and we call that ‘health.’ My aim is to reconnect you to your inner self, your inner resiliency, and to empower you to meet your goals. My collaborative, transparent approach utilizes multiple evidence-based therapies to tailor an approach suitable for your unique experiences. I honor and celebrate the intersectionality of identities that come together to form you. I strive to sit together with you in the pain, even in the silence. Seeking change is a monumental first step. 

Additional clinical areas include:

-adjustment/managing stressors associated with chronic illness

  • Interpersonal boundary work

-self-advocacy within the medical field

-assistance with accomplishing health-related goals

-life transitions

-value-based living

-stress reduction techniques

-identity exploration

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Selected Trainings:

General Psychology Internship at the Clement Zablocki VA

Post-Doctoral Residency in Clinical Health Psychology at the Memphis VA

VA Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia EBP Rollout Training Program      

 To schedule an appointment, please call today at 401-259-0340 or fill out a quick referral form and we will call you back within 12 hours.