Psychological Assessments

Psychological assessments are an invaluable diagnostic tool for psychiatric, developmental, and other neurocognitive conditions. Here at Rhode Island Counseling Associates we offer a wide variety of Assessments that include both adult and child based assessments.

Adult based assessments includeing cognitive, executive functioning, learning disability, ADHD, depression and anxiety evaluations.

We also provide comprehensive psychological evaluations to children and youths ranging in age from 5 to 16, including assessment of mood- and trauma-related disorders as well as ADHD, learning disorders, neurodevelopmental disorders, cognitive/developmental delays, and autism spectrum disorders. 

In addition to in-person interviews, psychological assessments includes the use of measures that evaluate aspects of neuropsychology, personality, and symptom presentation to assist in gathering a whole picture of a client with the goal of understanding potential sources of symptom concern and from there, developing individualized intervention and treatment recommendations.”

The team at Rhode Island Counseling Associates uses psychological assessments to help diagnose patients and ensure they receive the most appropriate treatments for their condition.

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