Emerging Adults (ages 18 – 29)

Many adolescents struggle with the inherent challenges involved in transitioning into adulthood. In this stage of development, young adults continue to need support from their parents while striving to take on adult responsibility. Sometimes with all of the stress and change, it is possible to see symptoms of anxiety or depressed moods, which can interfere with daily living.  

At Rhode Island Counseling Associates, our experts have experience in helping clients bridge this challenging time. Our professionals work with you to address distorted thinking, lack of motivation, and avoidance coping skills. Our goal is to provide simple but effective skills to address the underlying issues that are impeding progress and limiting experiencing life to its full potential. By identifying areas that may be interfering in your ability to succeed, we can help you to develop the skills necessary to address those deficits, giving you the foundation to move forward and attain the success you are seeking in life.

Rhode Island Counseling Associates looks forward to helping you begin the journey to recovery and personal fulfillment. To schedule an appointment, call 401-259-0340 or fill out our contact form.