Behavioral Health Needs of Men



Men experience mental health difficulties. However, there are some notable differences between the issues affecting them and the factors that influence those issues.



Frances DaLomba, LICSW is a BIPOC, bilingual (Spanish) licensed clinical social worker who has worked with children, youth, and families for over 20 years.  Ms. DaLomba is a Team Leader/ Clinical Social Worker for Lifespan School Solutions, and is an active member of the Lifespan Advisory Collaborative on Anti-Racisim & Health Equity.  Ms. DaLomba

General Information:

Partial credit will not be awarded to those who attend only a portion of the virtual seminar. For virtual seminars, participant attendance is tracked through Zoom, students are engaged throughout the online class utilizing their camera and/or microphone and participants must complete an evaluation. A link to the online evaluation will be emailed to participants within 24 hours of the conclusion of the course. It is attendee’s responsibility to contact their state licensing board/certification boards to determine eligibility to meet continuing education requirements.


How Will a CE Certificate Be Awarded?

Upon completing the evaluation for the virtual seminar, participants will be emailed their online certificate​ within 30 days of seminar completion​. ​Participants should save and/or print ​the certificate upon receipt for ​their records. Receiving the CE certificate is contingent on attendance and completion of the evaluation.

If you need assistance, please email Fran DaLomba, LICSW at . Attendees must attend the entire webinar in order to receive credits. Certificates of Attendance will be emailed to the email address provided and will take one and two weeks to arrive.

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Course Objectives:

1. Identify at least two common clinical obstacles while treating men.
2. Describe three effective assessment strategies for treating men.
3. Identify two clinical tools for addressing shame while treating men.
4. Describe at least two ways in which there is a relationship between men, shame, and substance abuse.

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