About us

Rhode Island counseling associates is a small Rhode Island based mental wellness counseling practice. Our mission here is to provide kind compassionate and effective outpatient counseling services to the greater Rhode Island Area.

Our Approach:

The approach here at Rhode Island Counseling Associates is to provide up to date and evidenced based counseling practices. We at Rhode Island Counseling Associates believe that to feel better, it is imperative to become educated and knowledgeable about both yourself and the treatment you engage in. We strive for your success at every visit and enjoy opportunities to engage in meaningful dialogue directed at your healing or personal growth.

We here at Rhode Island Counseling Associates will work with you to create an experience and outcome that you can be proud of. One that will propel you to the next stage of your life. Regardless of your current difficulty we are here to help you Some of the areas that we offer assistance with are: relationship issues, anger management, depressed mood, grief, Trauma or anxiety. Regardless of what your current difficulty, we will work with you to find the approach that fits with your personality and emotional needs.