Ricardo Mendiola PMHNP-BC

I am Board Certified by the Rhode Island Board of Nursing as an Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner with a specialization in Psychiatry and Mental Health. I am bilingual and fluent in Spanish and English. I believe that each person has a unique problem and treatment is tailored specifically to their mental health concerns. I aim to provide patients compassionate and judgment-free care using advanced technology (telehealth) to help enhance their quality of life for those that are affected with a mental health disorder. 

I embrace primarily a listening-oriented and holistic approach in the care that I provide to patients. I believe patients should have a decision in their treatment and I incorporate their preferences into their treatment plan as much as possible. I conduct psychiatric assessments and make recommendations for treatment based on an evidence-based practice approach which often includes psychotropic medications, nutritional supplements, sleep pattern modifications, and referral talk to psychotherapist or treatment centers. Popular specialties include but are not limited to depression, anxiety, PTSD, sleep disorders, ADHD, and behavioral issues. I look forward to working with you, providing care to you, and allowing me to work with you. Estoy para ayudarlos, trabajemos juntos.                   

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