Wunesh W Bairu Counselor, MA, CAGS, LMHC

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If you or your loved ones are feeling helplessly overwhelmed, depressed, or anxious my professional guidance and support may help restore your inner strength and health. While the ultimate power for change to a productive life is yours, as a licensed counselor, my role is to help you connect with your thoughts, feelings, your present state of being, and your desired meaningful life style. My goal is that you would acquire coping strategies to be in control of your situation.I am passionate. I like to work in partnership with you, strive to install hope, inner power, alternative strategies, and promote self-efficacy. I am certified wraparound practitioner. My approach is strength-based, empathetic, non-judgmental, respectful of unique traits. Additional training: EMDR, heart rhythm therapy to restore energy, clarity, peace, joy.I am particularly skilled in understanding cultural diversity. I am multicultural – multilingual, lived in three continents, worked in rural/urban settings, native/immigrant populations, refugees who experienced adversities in their countries of origin, and as they struggle to adjust and overcome cultural-divides in their host country.

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