Rebecca Stevenson PMHNP

    I am a psychiatric nurse practitioner with a background of working with patients who struggle with a variety of the challenges life may present to us. My experience has included time working in psychiatric emergency rooms, inpatient populations and with incarcerated individuals. This work has helped me to develop my perspective on the challenges we face, and how I can best engage my patients as a part of their overall care. I am holistic and collaborative in my treatment philosophy, so please expect us to work on using medication as a stabilizing tool. I view the role of medication as an adjunct to other resiliency building approaches such as meditation, therapy, sleep hygiene, and the important link between physiological and psychological wellness. 

My clinical work includes openness to specific sexual concerns that some patients bring to their psychiatric care, including but not limited to working with the Kink, Alternative Lifestyles and LGBTQIA+ communities. 

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