Dr, Brian Ackerman MD

Dr. Ackerman brings a wealth of experience and skills to RI Counseling.  He is a Harvard Medical School trained psychiatrist who has 45 years clinical experience.

He is a founding member of the American Family Therapy Association and has spoken internationally on Marriage & Family Therapy.  He has also innovated a model of group therapy based on Mindfulness and runs therapy/educational groups across the state of Rhode Island.  His approach to Mindfulness Training involves learning how to access and develop the best of ourselves by understanding our human brain better. In that sense, he considers himself a brain educator, and his prescribing philosophy is: Don’t just medicate: educate. He has applied this treatment approach quite successfully to addiction treatment and runs groups at both Phoenix House and AdCare as well as for groups of patients with no substance use issues at other centers. He is a published author: His innovate work can be found on Amazon.com: “Me, Myself, & my Amygdala: A Mindfulness Guide to Sobriety & Well-Being.

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