Holidays Can Be Difficult

Here are some suggestions on how to cope with the holiday blues which can lead to anxiety and depression. Also, let’s keep an eye out for those who are grieving.

The holiday season is upon us. However, everyone around us is not always in the spirit and that is ok. Here are a few suggestions on how to support friends and family who may be feeling blue. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), 64% of people with mental illness say the holidays make their condition worse. “For many people, the holiday season is not always the most wonderful time of the year,” said NAMI medical director Ken Duckworth.

Here are 28 suggestions that may help:
1. Feel Your Feelings 

2. Be Specific & Write Out Your Emotions

3. Don’t Resist the Grief 

4. Show Yourself Self-compassion 

5. Take Care of Your Body 

6. Ask for Help & Support 

7. Tell Others What You Need as Specifically as Possible 

8. Do Something to Help Someone Else 

9. Honor Them With a Simple Tradition 

10. Start New Traditions 

11. Honor Old Traditions & Memories 

12. Surround Yourself With Those That Love You 

13. Attend a Support Group 

14. Set Healthy Expectations & Boundaries 

15. Communicate Those Expectations Clearly 

16. Talk With Your Children 

17. Include Your Children In Planning 

18. Opt Out of the Holidays 

19. Socialize as You Feel Able 

20. Limit Your Amount of In-store Shopping 

21. Change Your Scenery 

22. Volunteer or Donate to Charity 

23. Make a “Plan A” & “Plan B” 

24. Be Aware of Your Alcohol Intake 

25. Honor Your Loved One 

26. Light a Candle 

27. Don’t Rush Your Grief 

28. Talk to a Therapist


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